Today, information technology is widely used in various industries. For example, in the manufacturing sector, they can be used to automate processes and control production equipment. In the field of medicine and healthcare, information technology can be used to manage medical records and improve the quality of medical care. In banking and finance, information technology can be used to manage financial transactions and ensure data security. In the field of transport, information technology can be used to manage traffic flows and optimize routes.

Modern developments help businesses scale much faster and make customers' lives much more convenient.


Baggage handling system

Abyron has developed a service designed to automate the process of check-in and delivery of travelers' luggage by air and sea transportation.


Supply chain simulation and optimization services

Modeling and optimizing supply chains of various goods with the goal of reducing costs and saving resources for interested companies.The client had a problem related to a large number of interdependent delivery conditions, route options and modes of transport. It was necessary to conduct a complete and detailed analysis of a large and complex supply chain, where huge human efforts were required.


System for managing logistics processes

Optimization (speeding up and streamlining) of the interaction processes between shippers, freight forwarders, and carriers in road freight transportation.


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