Today, information technology is widely used in various industries. For example, in the manufacturing sector, they can be used to automate processes and control production equipment. In the field of medicine and healthcare, information technology can be used to manage medical records and improve the quality of medical care. In banking and finance, information technology can be used to manage financial transactions and ensure data security. In the field of transport, information technology can be used to manage traffic flows and optimize routes.

Modern developments help businesses scale much faster and make customers' lives much more convenient.


Back office for Trade company

Abyron team has developed an online application with functionality for creating, tracking and conducting purchases by the company's customers.


Platform for selling building materials

The Abyron team has developed an online platform that provides services for the sale of a wide range of building materials for construction companies and individuals.


Platform for selling cars

The client came with a request to develop a B2B platform for selling cars with a free auction and a back office for business clients.


Recommendation service for an online store

The client needed a redesign of an online store with goods, which relies on the personal preferences of the buyer and helps to find the most suitable products for his needs.


Shoes and accessories web shop

The client needs continuous support of the web store, including regular updates, increased productivity, as well as bug fixes. In addition, the analysis and improvement of the user experience and the addition of functionality to improve the convenience and speed up the purchase process.


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