Today, information technology is widely used in various industries. For example, in the manufacturing sector, they can be used to automate processes and control production equipment. In the field of medicine and healthcare, information technology can be used to manage medical records and improve the quality of medical care. In banking and finance, information technology can be used to manage financial transactions and ensure data security. In the field of transport, information technology can be used to manage traffic flows and optimize routes.

Modern developments help businesses scale much faster and make customers' lives much more convenient.

Company management

Corporate intranet

The client needed to develop a corporate employee management application in which it would be possible to communicate and monitor the work performed.

Company management

Employees Search Application

The client needed a convenient application to find suitable candidates who would fit the vacancy. Since the process of finding employees for the organization was time-consuming, there was a need to introduce an interface, analysis tools and special algorithms for predicting the behavior of candidates after employment.

Company management

Projects management tool

The client needed a portal that could collect, store and manage all tasks, resources and projects in one place, and this data, in turn, should be accessible to several users and integrated between different modules.

Company management

Editor for pdf documents

The client turned to the task of developing an electronic content management platform and a cloud-based document and task management system for pdf editing.


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